Red River Pharms

Red River Pharms is Oklahoma's premium indoor cannabis cultivator. We challenge you to be amazed with our ability to grow award winning cannabis strains; our combined 40+ years of cannabis experience. Our 17,000 sq/ft state of the art, indoor facility features six flower rooms and a dedicated and experienced team of cultivators.  We test every batch for herbicides, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, microbes, and anything else that you don't want in your cannabis to ensure the very best product possible. We test for not only THC and CBD content, but also target for specific terpene profile compositions.  Our team has carefully planned each detail and have invested long term because we believe in this industry and our ability to deliver consistent cannabis year round to our customers.  Our top tier facility cultivates the world's most exotic strains, as well as developing our own custom strains.  We’re dedicated to providing the purest cannabis products to help the people of Oklahoma.